Being in a Psycho-Spiritual Process

By psycho-spiritual, I mean that we engage with both the obvious, conscious level of issues that you face, as well as the deeper spiritual implications they bring to your life. Psycho-Spiritual counseling is not a quick fix. It's not a bandage or a pill, it's a journey one takes towards engaging with life with more of you present, body, mind and soul. My type of psychological work isn't based on the medical model of pathology and diagnosis, rather, it's based on a the recognition that we are each whole persons striving to experience a rich and personally meaningful life. Just as a person who realizes that being unhealthily overweight and out of shape is the result of years of habits, and will take dedicated time and awareness to change those patterns, a person who enters this type of process because of ordinary, but painful issues will also need to dedicate themselves to a sustained path of change. My role is as an informed accomplice on your journey, someone who has been on this type of journey herself for a long time and knows about the way of change. Ultimately, my goal for you is to support you making your choices with as much awareness and compassionate choice as possible. In Voice Dialogue, we call that the Aware Ego Process.

All your sessions are held in strict confidence. Two hour sessions are either held at my home office in Portland OR, or through Skype video for those who live a long distance away.