Psycho-Spiritual Psychology
My philosophy, in brief, is that we are embodied souls, conditioned by life and influenced by archetypal (universal patterns) energies. At any given moment, we are only conscious of and expressing a small part of what we are. Most of what we are, we are not conscious of, but we can become more conscious of our nature through meditation, dream work, relationship, and awareness practices such as Voice Dialogue Work. Becoming more self-aware and conscious is an on-going and evolving journey.

Unless we have some type of consciousness practice, we mostly live from deeply habituated patterns of perception and expression. It's easy to fall asleep to reality. When we fall deeply 'asleep', Psyche (deep soul nature) moves to awaken us/itself through dreams, fantasies/desire, disease, synchronicities, pain & suffering, accidents/chance events, and the appearance of helpers. These are the prompts that can redirect our conscious experience towards more wholeness.

Voice Dialogue, in theory and practice, has its roots in Jungian and Humanistic psychology, with a close resonance with the ancient practices of meditation and yoga. Voice Dialogue is a psycho-spiritual approach to consciousness work.

It begins with the premise that we are a whole being made up of many parts, each whole onto itself. Just as the human body is one organism on one level, on another level of perception, we see that it is made up of countless cells of many types, many organs and systems that all operate together to make that one collective organism called our body. The same principle goes for us psychologically. We have many individual parts, called ‘selves’, sub-personalities, voices, etc. that each have their distinctive purpose to unfold and explore. Many of them exist in a Yin/Yang-like paradox, taking care of and giving expression to simultaneous yet opposing needs, for example, my need for order and my need for chaos can be met by my Inner Organizer and my Inner Risk Taker respectively. (Read more)

Voice Dialogue has a number of forms:

Identifying different inner parts, or ‘voices’ and letting them be individually interviewed, or facilitated by me so that you can become more aware of the energetic feeling of those parts, and the core beliefs and behaviors that get enacted whenever you are identified with any particular part of your multifaceted self. This build empathetic self- awareness.
Exploring opposite inner selves (parts) and learning how to hold them both without negative judgment. This helps you learn to hold paradox and live with less judgement of yourself and others.
Skillfully monitoring and tending to your dreams and fantasies. This helps you to integrate unconscious wisdom into your waking process.
Energy training, which means learning how to adjust the energy of your various inner parts with awareness and choice. This helps you be more in charge of your own energy and more sensitive to the language of energy in general.
Learning about bonding patterns – how you interact unconsciously in your relationships. This helps you become more aware of your disowned vulnerabilities so you can take better care of yourself and it helps you unhook from polarizing situations.
Helping people in any kind of relationship with each other (couples, siblings, business partners, friends, parent -adult child, etc) learn how to be present with and honoring of each other without losing themselves in the process.

In addition to Voice Dialogue, we may also use creative assignments and personal rituals to help discover new ways of being and to create a valued place for them in your life. We may also engage in mindfulness practice (such as meditation) to help you cultivate the state of non-judgmental witness/awareness.