We live our lives and relationships most fully when we have the capacity for deep self-awareness, acceptance, vulnerability, creativity and choice.

Self Awareness
My work with individuals and couples specifically helps you become more fully aware of who you are, beyond how you habitually regard yourself. You'll develop the ability to appreciate your own inner complexity more deeply and take better care of all of who you are. This helps you develop humility, humor, a heightened sensual/ physical presence, detachment and engagement both.
Self Acceptance
I can help you come to new levels of self-acceptance, easing long habits of self-doubt and criticism. This in turn makes you far less judgmental of others, a basic prerequisite of healthy relationships. This will help you develop compassion, openness and forgiveness.
When most people commonly think of vulnerability, they think of suffering, and so they actively strive to not be vulnerable. Doing so, they lose their heart and feeling. Being vulnerable is being open. Yes, we can suffer from being open, but in order to experience love, to sense beauty, to learn, to relate to another, to even perceive anything, we have to be open, vulnerable to life. My work redeems and returns your capacity for soulful vulnerability, with awareness and adjustable boundaries. What comes from this is greater joy, connection to feeling, body awareness, wonder and intimacy in your relationships.
Creativity is novelty, trying new things, acting in new ways, being willing to be a beginner again and discover what else can come from you. My work with you will give you the courage and willingness to take generative risks in your life. From this comes flexibility, passion, juiciness for life.
We are told we have free will, but do we? Exercising free will is an action that happens in the present moment, in awareness of present circumstances, in awareness of competing yet valid ways of being. "Part of me wants to go, part of me wants to stay." Choice, true free will, comes from energetically being aware, without negativity, of all the relevant parts, taking action, even choosing non-action, and owning and accepting the outcome as our own. When we truly are exercising free will, we experience freedom, empowerment when accepting limitations, decisiveness, humility.

The type of work I do is called Voice Dialogue. It is both therapy (healing) and psycho-spiritual training (learning/practice). It is appropriate for both couples counseling and for adult individuals. Click here to see what kinds of people seek me out to work together.

I work as a therapist / counselor primarily in Portland Oregon, but I also do some therapy work with people long distance via live video chat on the computer (Skype, Ichat). If you are living in a remote region where this type of counseling is unavailable, or just out of town from me, we can discuss setting up this type of online counseling session.