What to expect with me
Our process together starts by creating a safe and secure environment for your work. I have a professional home office that has secure sound privacy. I also leave a half an hour minimum between clients so that you will never overlap with anyone coming and going.

Our work is confidential and you are free to explore any thoughts and feelings without judgment or reprisal.* It is also safe because I am highly trained and experienced and I continue to do my own self awareness work and I work within a web of mature mentors and colleagues.

Our work together begins by you telling me your reasons for beginning this work with me and your life stories, old and new. These stories carry mini-world views you hold about life, based on how you integrated and held life events. Sometimes the stories you will tell me will come from memories, sometimes from dreams or fantasies you have. My interventions with you will include Voice Dialogue facilitation, dream work, suggestions for journaling and/or reading assignments, (physical/emotional) energy awareness training, practice awareness exercises to do on your own, and meditation practice /training. All the work I do is governed by a Voice Dialogue philosophy.

Our process together works best when we meet weekly at first. For some people, their work with me is focused primarily on resolving a problem they came in with and our work together may last anywhere from six months to two years. For other people, after their initial issues have been resolved, they continue to work with me long term, at the same or a less frequent pace, now focused more on continuing self discovery and spiritual maturation, rather than problem solving. Together, we’ll discover what you suits your process best.

In our sessions, you will have my undivided attention. If we decide to work together, you can also count on my honesty with and genuine support of you. Our relationship is professional, not personal even though I will sincerely care about you. I won't accept you as a client if I don't feel I can have genuine caring for you and a heartfelt commitment to your well-being, or, if I don't feel that this type of work is in your best interests.

All our communications are confidential; I will not disclose our session material to relatives, partners, friends or other therapists (unless you explicitly ask me in writing to do so as part of a referral). If we see each other in public, to protect your privacy, I will not approach or acknowledge you first. You don't need to do so either if you don't want to. I will not accept your friends or family as new clients unless you and I start the process with them; this is your process ~ you get to have it all to yourself.

I won't allow a dual relationship to develop between us. This means that we won't become personal friends, I won't buy things from you, hire you, ask for personal favors, go to social or community events with you, become romantically involved, etc. Because my role is as a therapist, guide and teacher, I may suggest a group or class to attend that I teach if I think it will directly benefit you. I might also recommend a group or class that a valued colleague of mine offers, if I feel it would be in your best interest. Your decisions relative to those suggestions won't diminish or improve my view of you. Ultimately, my goal for you is to support you making your choices with as much awareness and personal choice as possible.

You will pay for your work with me yourself with cash, credit card or check; I don't accept insurance. This necessitates a commitment to yourself on a significant level. In a sense, this type of work is like going back to school, (a common dream images of my clients), where you'll be devoting time, energy, money and creativity towards your own further inward and outward development.

Appointments are 2 hours long, whether for individuals or couples. If you need to miss a scheduled session for any reason, please give at least 24 hours notice, or you will be responsible for paying for the session.

International Voice Dialogue Agreement