About J'aime ona Pangaia, director of Voice Dialogue Center NW
J'aime has over 25 years training and working in the field of psycho-spiritual consciousness work. Her most significant on-going teachers and mentors are Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, creators of the Psychology of the Aware Ego and Voice Dialogue, James Hillman (post Jungian scholar) and Jane Roberts an American mystic and author. After 4 years of intensive training with the Stones, they invited her to begin working as one of their staff facilitator/teachers at their trainings; she continues to work closely with them to this day. She is the author of the book, The Benefit of People Who Bug You; A Voice Dialogue Primer and numerous articles on Voice Dialogue. She teaches Voice Dialogue programs for coaches, individuals and for psycho-spiritual self- development. She also trains new Voice Dialogue teachers and facilitators world-wide. By intention, she is not a state licensed therapist although her knowledge and training is comparable with that of licensed therapists.

Why begin this work?
Many different kinds of people find this kind of work practically helpful and spiritually transformative. People often call with very common, ordinary problems. Business clients call about frustrations working with business partners or clients, difficulties staying on task, communication conflicts between different levels of the organization, feeling stuck. Individuals also call with problems in their relationships, or not having a relationship or wanting to prepare for a partnership relationship. People have recurring dreams that intrique them, or nightmares to work through. Other reasons include dealing with a series of significant losses: divorce, job loss, death, empty nest, disability. Depression. Conflict. Anxiety about money, sexual identity or behavior, secrets. Wanting to finally heal from childhood wounds. Dealing with family members who have character disorders. Boundary issues. Traumatic events: being a crime victim, frightening accidents, abusive relationships and injustice.